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April 1 2022 – We are celebrating our eleventh birthday today. We expect many interesting projects and we hope to present you a brand new website as a bonus.

January 12 2022 – We wish you a little late a happy New Year, good health and a lot of meaningful work!

August 4 2021 – Beside subtitling and related services, we also master DCPs. Our facility code is from now on TCZ. More information here:

May 27 2021 – After careful deliberation, we are moving to pricing per video minute from pricing per subtitle. The main goal is upfront price-transparency for customers. As customers, you will get an exact rate per minute so you will know the last and final price. We nonetheless want to keep the main advantage of pricing per subtitle, that is an accurate rate for a given amount of work, so we are introducing several bands corresponding to talkativeness of the video. It won't happen that we would charge for work that was not carried out. In connection with the change to the pricing system, we are raising our rates overall after three years. You can see our new and detailed price list or get a tailered price in our price calculator.

May 25 2021 – We have updated our general terms.

April 1 2021 – We are celebrating unbelievable 10 years on the market with subtitling and translation. Over this time, we managed to grow step by step into a company with a stable team and customers. výročí 10 let Among interesting projects that we participated in during the last ten years, praised films The Way Out and We Are Never Alone by Petr Václav and Barefoot by Jan Svěrák or the miniseries #martyisdead, the prestigious International Emmmy Awards winner, are worth mentioning. Of course, we have worked on thousands of bigger or smaller projects from commercials to documentaries. We have also organised several workshops on subtitling. We thank our loyal customers and all our translators working with us. Looking forward to another ten years!

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