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May 3 2012 – We had the honour to meddle in the film You Only Get One Chance about an expedition to Kilimanjaro. Come on May 28 to the Prague premier in Světozor cinema!

March 31 2011 – Dear friends, new year is at full speed and we cannot complain about having nothing to do (we expanded our references section). We thank our translators and above all our customers for the interesting work we do for them!

January 4 2012 – Dear friends, we have simplified and unified our prices (which did not change and are still very welcoming to NGOs). We also finished subtitling of a comedian show The Secret Policeman's Ball for Amnesty International based on the excellent translation by Petr Palouš. Look forward to being invited to its screening soon! Happy New Year with lots of subtitles.

November 1 2011 – We would like to point out a recently published book Titulkujeme profesionálně to translators and more dedicated fans of subtitling alike. Sadly, only in Czech.

October 16 2011 – Titulkování.cz started to work on The Secret Policeman's Ball (starring the Monty Pythons, Rowan Atkinson and other with dedication to Amnesty International). Translated by Petr Palouš. More information soon...

October 5 2011 – We added translation prices. Nonetheless, we are still looking for capable translators from all to all languages. If you freelancing, contact us! :)

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