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October 14 2015 – We have slightly adjusted our prices. The one big change is an roughly 10 % increase in our prices. We have been in the translation business for almost five years and we have learnt that, beside other things, we can compete only with quality of our translations and not with price only. Nevertheless, the price increase does not mean we have stopped to be a socially responsible company with special rates for educational and non-profit projects. We are also still a low-budget business whose large majority of costs consists of labour, that is compensation for our translators and proofreaders. Thank you for supporting us so far.

June 5 2015 – We have improved our website, which is now responsive, making it ever easier to browse it on your smartphones and tablets.

April 1 2015 – We celebrate our fourth birthday!

March 26 2015 – We have significantly simplified our prices. The price for English<>Czech remains unchanged and forms a basis for other languages. Subtitles are spotted and translated at the same time by one person now. The prices for other languages than English are now lower. Moreover, we have now started to offer Italian and Russian and we always offer an option of proofreading by a native speaker. Get an approximate price in our price calculator.

December 5 2014 – We have not been lazy during autumn as we have opened a position of a part-time translator. It is now filled by Kristýna Wanková, who can subtitle betwen English, Czech and German! Thanks to the selection process, our list of translators that we work with has grown a lot too! Look forward to news about our future growth next year!

November 2 2014 – We continue update our database of references (most content is in Czech). We publish a selection of projects we have worked on. You can easily see the variety of the videos that need subtitling. Among others, we have recently subtitled a series of spots on melanoma. Do not underestimate prevention and go to see a dermatologist soon!

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