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December 5 2014 – We have not been lazy during autumn as we have opened a position of a part-time translator. It is now filled by Kristýna Wanková, who can subtitle betwen English, Czech and German! Thanks to the selection process, our list of translators that we work with has grown a lot too! Look forward to news about our future growth next year!

November 2 2014 – We continue update our database of references (most content is in Czech). We publish a selection of projects we have worked on. You can easily see the variety of the videos that need subtitling. Among others, we have recently subtitled a series of spots on melanoma. Do not underestimate prevention and go to see a dermatologist soon!

October 13 2014 – We are looking for a translator who can spot and subtitle videos in Czech and English. We would like to establish a long-term partnership. More info here (Czech only). We are looking forward to hearing from you!

September 9 2014 – The last major news of this year is our new price list that underwent some changes. We added new items and tried to make the price list easier to understand. For a price calculation, use our simple price calculator.

July 16 2014 – We have incorporated! We found Titulkování.cz, s.r.o. (a form of limited liability company under Czech law). It makes our administration and invoicing easier. It also means the number of our bank account has changed, go to our contact page to see for yourself. What has not changed is our mission to deliver quality subtitles.

June 17 2014 – We have long had a price calculator, but it only used to be available in Czech. Now we have translated it into English! Use it to have a better idea about the price of our services!

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