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September 9 2014

The last major news of this year is our new price list that underwent some changes. We added new items and tried to make the price list easier to understand. For a price calculation, use our simple price calculator.

July 16 2014

We have incorporated! We found Titulkování.cz, s.r.o. (a form of limited liability company under Czech law). It makes our administration and invoicing easier. It also means the number of our bank account has changed, go to our contact page to see for yourself. What has not changed is our mission to deliver quality subtitles.

June 17 2014

We have long had a price calculator, but it only used to be available in Czech. Now we have translated it into English! Use it to have a better idea about the price of our services!

May 16 2014

We have repeatedly helped with subtitles for the new Czech film Cesta ven (The Way Out). We also suplied subtitles for a screening at the Cannes International Film Festival. The subtitles were supplied in the DCP interop format and were both in English and French (the translation was provided by the film makers). We wish all the best to this new Czech film. Find out more here.

May 5 2014

We again subtitled this year's spots of the runner-ups for the Social Impact Award. You can watch the spots and vote here.

April 24 2014

We are glad that we were able to help with spotting the film Cesta ven ("The Way Out" – an English name has not been determined yet) and we hope that its admission to the Festival de Cannes is only its first success!
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