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April 2024 feature films and series EN CS

screenshot from Fioretta
For the Czech premiere of the documentary Fioretta, in which Randy Shoenberg, obsessed with genealogy, searches for his ancestors, we created Czech subtitles from an English template.

2024 Days of European Film

April 2024 feature films and series EN CS

screenshot from 2024 Days of European Film
As every year, we cooperated with the Days of European Film festival. At the last minute, we were responsible for adjusting the timing of the subtitles, temporizing missing subtitles and converting the subtitles to the correct format for four feature-length films: Four Souls of Coyote, Omar The Strawberry, A Tiger in Paradise, and They Shot the Piano Player.


April 2024 feature films and series JI CS

We created Czech subtitles for the new feature-length film by Icelandic director Erlingur Óttar Thoroddsen, Cold, and adjusted the English subtitles to meet the current standards for films screened in cinemas and on VOD platforms.


April 2024 short, spot EN, CS EN, CS

screenshot from DOX KAFKAesque
For the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art, we provided the timing, translation and subtitling of a series of Czech and English videos for the KAFKAesque exhibition, which focuses on the reflections of Franz Kafka’s work.

O2: Digital Health

April 2024 short, spot CS CS

screenshot from O2: Digital Health
For a production company, we created Czech subtitles for a series of O2 videos focused on digital health within one day. For some of the videos, we needed to adjust the timing to make the subtitles suitable for use on social media.

Lecture by Professor Timothy Snyder

February 2024 event, lecture EN CS

screenshot from Lecture by Professor Timothy Snyder
We made Czech hardsubs for Mehrin endowment fund for Timothy Snyder's lecture on the importance of building museums of the Holocaust and Jewish history in the 21st century.
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