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TLC Healing Matrix

December 2018 short, spot EN CS

We made the Czech subtitles for a short animated video about the TLC healing matrix. The original video contained hardcoded subtitles as well as flowing graphic descriptions of the matrix. In order to preserve the original appearance of the video, all these were overlaid and substituted with the Czech translation.


December 2018 short, spot EN CS

For our regular costumer, we created Czech subtitles for two English-speaking videos on how Millennials approach work.

Accumulator 1

April 2018 feature films and series CS EN, CS

screenshot from Accumulator 1
We have edited English subtitles and produced Czech subtitles for hearing impaired for the famous Czech film Accumulator 1 by the Oscar-winning director Jan Svěrák.


June 2017 feature films and series CS EN

screenshot from Filthy
We have translated and spotted subtitles for a new film Filthy by Tereza Nvotová. Working with the film production team, we have subtitled the first rough cuts of the film during the editing phase as well as the final cut. We have also subtitled the trailer.


May 2017 feature films and series CS EN

screenshot from Barefoot
Based on a translated screenplay that was provided to us, we produced subtitles for a new film by the Academy Award winning director Jan Svěrák, Barefoot. We complemented the translated screeplay with our own translation where necessary. Our output was then extensively proofread by an English native speaker. We have also made Czech subtitles for the hearing-impaired with a cooperation with a deaf subtitler. We also created Czech and Slovak subtitles for scenes in Russian. We also created the English subtitles for the extended version for Blu-ray.

The Secret Policeman's Ball

November 2015 feature films and series EN CS

screenshot from The Secret Policeman's Ball
We created Czech subtitles for a 1979 recording of a charitable show from the series The Secret Policeman's Ball. Translated by Petr Palouš. The cast included members of Monty Python, Rowan Atkinson and other artists in support of the work of Amnesty International.
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