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Videos for parents

March 2022 event, lecture CS EN

screenshot from Videos for parents
We spotted an English translation to more than 21 hours of videos for parents focused on communication, respect and mutual understanding.

March 2022 feature films and series CS DE

screenshot from
We spotted, translated and burned-in German subtitles to a series of videos about microbreweries in the Karlovy Vary region. The series was two almost hours long.

Conference Green Building 2022

February 2022 event, lecture EN CS

screenshot from Conference Green Building 2022
For the Czech Green Building Council, we translated, spotted and burned-in subtitles to more than 4 hours of video as part of their online Green Building Conference. The conference focused on carbon neutral solutions and plans for the future. The conference was in English, the subtitles were Czech.

Interviewing Jack Canfield

February 2020 short, spot EN CS

We created Czech subtitles for Jack Canfield's interview with Denisa Paleckova.


January 2019 short, spot CS EN

We made English subtitles for a promo video about Mechanica - newly-constructed commercial buildings on the site of the former Walter Motors factory.

TLC Healing Matrix

December 2018 short, spot EN CS

We made the Czech subtitles for a short animated video about the TLC healing matrix. The original video contained hardcoded subtitles as well as flowing graphic descriptions of the matrix. In order to preserve the original appearance of the video, all these were overlaid and substituted with the Czech translation.
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