profesionální tvorba titulků



cenyWe always try to be fair to our customers, so the final price is based on the actual number of subtitles and work that was really carried out. It is our advantage that subtitles are translated and spotted at the same time making it faster and cheaper for you. There are several typical examples that will help you to get a general idea about our pricing in the following table. Our complete price list is below.

Ever since we founded our company, we have strived to be socially responsible and to support civil society. That is why we offer a lower rate for commissions regarding human rights, social solidarity, environmental protection and education.

In order to get an approximate price calculation, use our simple price calculator! Do not hesitate to contact us to get a price offer tailored to you.

Example prices:

  5 minute spot
your or no translation
embedding into video
30 minute documentary
translation from English
DVD without menu
90 minute feature film
translation from English
Reduced rate €27
CZK 650
CZK 5,700
CZK 10,500
Standard rate €30
CZK 710
CZK 6,300
CZK 12,200


Complete price list:

  Spotting English to Czech translation + spotting Czech to English translation + spotting
per subtitle per subtitle per subtitle
Reduced rate €0.26
CZK 5.90
CZK 9.50
CZK 13.00
Standard rate €0.29
CZK 6.80
CZK 11.10
CZK 15.10


Translation from and into German, French or Spanish +15 %
of the standard rate
Translation from and into Italian, Russian, Polish or Portuguese +20 %
of the standard rate
Translation from and into another language +40 %
of the standard rate
Proofreading by a native speaker (other languages than Czech) +25 %
of the standard rate
Translation into Czech without transcription +50 %
of the standard rate
Translation from Czech without transcription +30 %
of the standard rate
Czech subtitles for the hearing impaired €0.36/subtitle
CZK 9/subtitle
Translation from other languages (non-audiovisual translation) €21/page
CZK 520/page
Translation to other languages (non-audiovisual translation) €23/page
CZK 580/page
Voice-over €40/min.
CZK 1,000/min.
External subtitle file format (SRT, EBU STL etc.) free of charge
Burning subtitles into a video €10 per up to 15 min video
+ €0.28 per each additional minute
Burning subtitles into a video with graphical modifications from €22
depending on the job
Editing and technical work €32/hour
CZK 800/hour
DCP mastering (introductory offer) €120
CZK 3,000
Adding subtitles to an existing DCP (unencrypted) €60
CZK 1,500
Adding subtitles to an existing DCP (encrypted) €120
CZK 3,000
Converting DCP into MP4 or other format €40
CZK 1,000
DVD without a menu (including one DVD disc) from €80
from CZK 2,000
DVD with a menu (including one DVD disc) from €120
from CZK 3,000
Blu-ray without a menu (including one BD disc) from €160
from CZK 4,000
Blu-ray with a menu (including one BD disc) from €200
from CZK 5,000
Express order surcharge of 50 %
or as negotiated
Converting subtitle formats per file €1.2/file
€1/file (more than 5 files)
Converting into DCP XML from €10
from CZK 250
Manipulating files with size over 50 GB €20
CZK 500
Shipping & packaging, courier from €8
from CZK 200



  • Spotting comprises of spotting and text correction and editing.
  • Translation involves a translation by a qualified translator, proofreading and optionally additional proofreading by a native speaker.
  • One page means 1,800 characters including spaces.
  • The default output with no additional charge is an externa subtitle file (most often EBU STL or SRT format).
  • Price for creation of DVDs or BDs is only approximate and it is always necessary to make a specific calculation for your individual case.
  • We kindly ask you to read our General Terms before placing an order.